Nefrocenter – 1st Italian group specializing in the nephrology, dialysis and diabetology

Nefrocenter is the first private italian group specialized in nephrology, dialysis field, as well as diabetology, cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, imaging and laboratory diagnostics, molecular and genetic biology. The services provided (in agreement with the SSN) are managed by a team of specialists with advanced technologies and guarantee the patient efficient and high-quality assistance.

In 2016 Nefrocenter group also starts first important research projects in collaboration with with the Federico II and SUN Universities of Naples and with the La Sapienza University of Rome, giving birth to NefroCenter Research.

In late 2018, NefroCenter Group gained the pharmaceutical industry LA.FA.RE srl and joined the “PHARMA” field

NefroCenter Research

Science of today is technology of tomorrow

LA.FA.RE. Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical research and production

NefroCenter Lab

Main COVID-19 tests licensed

Patients Services

Professionalism and long time experience allow our team to support our patients throughout the therapy. High quality of our medical equipment is able to guarantee the best assistance throughout the medical treatment. Providing excellent health services in order to satisfy health needs of our patients is Nefrocenter mission.

We are the 1st Italian group specializing in the nephrology, dialysis and diabetology.


Dialysis clinics by Nefrocenter group guarantee any kind of treatment, giving patients a high quality healthcare assistance, and advanced technologies with latest artificial kidneys.


Nefrocenter clinics have some analysis laboratories that allow to recognize the diagnosis of the disease in the diabetic patient. It’s also possible to prevent and examine the cardiological, neurological, angiological, nephrological, ophthalmological and podiatric complications that the diabetic disease could produce.


“Vaia” neurodiagnostic institute, operating with eight different specialistic clinics, provides top quality services within the neurologic, neurodiagnostic and neurorehabilitation field, as regards neurological pathologies of central and peripheral origin.


The Maiello analysis laboratory in Naples and the Miglio d’Oro analysis laboratory stands out for the high quality and completeness of its specialistic surveys, carrying out over 1000 tests from routine analysis to more advanced exams, such as medical genetics and molecular biology. Providing all citizens a highly qualified analysis service is the main purpose of our laboratories.

The centers are licensed for the main COVID 19 serological tests. In addition, the Maiello laboratory has been included among the reference laboratories of the Campania Region for the examination of COVID-19 oropharyngeal swabs in support of public hospitals.


Nefrocenter’s radiologic centers are advanced machinery equipped, in order to carry out any kind of survey, offering a top quality imaging, and reducing the risk of radiation exposure. Throughout the diagnostic process, our patients are supported by a quick results service and highly qualified staff.


Neuromotoric rehabilitation activities are directed to the functional recovery of patients with neurological and orthopedic disease effects. Among the most important treatments, Nefrocenter also offers instrumental physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy services.


Cardiology centers from Nefrocenter group are provided with standards for treatment and prevention of all cardiovascular, cardionephrological and diabetes-related diseases. The centers also carry out all types of cardiological instrumental examinations.

High qualified staff

A team of talented experts and careful researchers, in order to improve standard therapies and always give you the best.

Modern technologies

The action of our specialists is supported by our advanced technologies in the best way.

High quality results

The most important matter for our group is obtaining high quality results that have a real effect on health.


Research and collaboration accompanies our daily actions with the main Universities.

Unmatched experience

Work system shared and improved through the years, together with a strong love for our work, allow us to achieve otherwise unbelievable results.


Many of our doctors and researchers represent excellence in the respective operating field and have received important acknowledgments from the international scientific community.