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Nefrocenter group services are all provided by National Health Service. They include several medical fields, in order to guarantee their patients a wide range of competences: dialysis, diabetology, imaging diagnostics, cardiology, rehabilitation, hyperbaric therapy, laboratory analysis and genetics.


Dialysis clinics by Nefrocenter group guarantee any kind of treatment, giving patients the possibility to receive a high quality healthcare assistance, thanks to the use of advanced technologies with latest artificial kidneys, and with the collaboration with the main Italian universities. Any treatment is performed in total reliability, thanks to the machinery safety systems and to the long time experience of the doctor and nursing staff of our centers.

In standard haemodialysis, the practice of “diffusion” is used in order to remove the waste substances from the blood.  Diffusion allows the solutes to move from the blood to the dialysate through a semipermeable membrane, connected inside the filter. During this process, toxic substances pass through the blood flow to the dialysate and then are removed. This allows to achieve the best result for the patient.

This procedure allows to achieve a particular convenient result in order to treat the chronic kidney disease in the best way, especially for people with cardio-vascular problems.

The last differs from first one in using higher permeability filters, whose membranes, thanks to a particular technological structure, allow the elimination, from the bloodstream, even of higher molecular weight substances. A more accurate and efficient toxin elimination guarantees the patient health an additional concrete benefit.

The technological peculiarity of hemodiafiltration methods is to use, in addition to the diffusion process, the physical process of convection, in order to remove excess fluid and body waste products.

With this method the depurative strength is guaranteed in removal of both low and medium molecular weight solutes. For this purpose, our advanced machinery allow to input sterile and pyrogen-free liquids no longer from pre-packaged bags, but through a system that allows the supplying on the spot (on line) of the right infusion amount needed for a valid purification.

It is a hemofiltraton method with reduced infusion loads. The peculiarity of this method is the total missing of swabs in the dialysis bath, and the possibility to customize the infusion of both bicarbonate and potassium according to the patient’s needs. The result is a particularly suitable treatment for all those patients with biocompatibility problems of the dialysis system.

Furthermore, the maximum release of NO in AFB allows to recommend this method as the dialysis treatment of excellence for patients with problems regarding the cardiovascular system. Among these, a particular attention goes to the diabetic patients that are more predisposed to intradialytic hypotension, because of both their peripheral vasculopathy and neuropathy.


Nefrocenter clinics, making also use of the presence of on-site analysis clinics, offer to the diabetic patient a complete diagnosis of the disease. All specialist services are guaranteed in order to prevent and analyze cardiological, neurological, angiological, nephrological, ophthalmological and podiatric complications that the diabetic disease could produce.

  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Diabetology
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiological visit and ECG
  • Vascular echo color Doppler
  • Echo color Doppler of the supraortic trunks/TSA
  • Ultrasound of upper abdomen


“Vaia” neurodiagnostic institute provides top quality services within the neurologic, neurodiagnostic and neurorehabilitation field, as regards neurological pathologies of central and peripheral origin.
“Vaia” institute makes of advanced equipment and scientific research his points of strength, with several scientific collaborations with ISCT (cognitive science and technology institute) of CNR.
With eight different specialistic clinics, it manages to provide the widest range of services both in private and public way (services provided by SSN).


The Maiello analysis laboratory in Naples and the Miglio d’Oro analysis laboratory stands out for the high quality and completeness of its specialistic surveys, carrying out over 1000 tests from routine analysis to more advanced exams, such as medical genetics and molecular biology. Providing all citizens a highly qualified analysis service is the main purpose of our laboratories. Laboratory diagnostics is developed in different and specifically equipped settings, and it uses several analytical processes, instrumental and executive methods, taking advantage of highly qualified operators and specialists.

The centers are licensed for the main COVID 19 serological tests. In addition, the Maiello laboratory has been included among the reference laboratories of the Campania Region for the examination of COVID-19 oropharyngeal swabs in support of public hospitals.


Nefrocenter’s radiologic centers are advanced machinery equipped, in order to carry out any kind of survey, offering a top quality imaging, and reducing the risk of radiation exposure. Throughout the diagnostic process, our patients are supported by a quick results service and highly qualified staff.

  • Digital ultrasound
  • High resolution direct digital mammography
  • Orthopantomography
  • Digital Multi-layer CT
  • Open articular magnetic resonance
  • Mineralized bone densitometry QCT
  • Bone densitometry with d.e.x.a.
  • Virtual colonscopy


Neuromotoric rehabilitation activities are directed to the functional recovery of patients with neurological and orthopedic disease effects. At Nefrocenter group clinics it is possible to conduct activities of neuromotoric rehabilitation, both in clinic or at home for several therapies: physical and instrumental medicine, hydrokinesitherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and semi-residential rehabilitation of disabled people, with the purpose of functional recovery from neurological and orthopedic disease effects.

To treat the various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, the therapy uses energy sources such as heat, light, electricity, electromagnetic waves, ultrasound, microwave and infrared radiation.

Hydrokinesitherapy is a rehabilitation process performed in water, better if heated, for therapeutic purposes.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is based on the use of pure oxygen inside an environment which is pressurized with a pressure higher than the atmospheric one.


Cardiology centers from Nefrocenter group are provided with standards for treatment and prevention of all cardiovascular, cardionephrological diseases. The centers also carry out all types of cardiological instrumental examinations.

  • Cardiological Visit
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Echocardiogram
  • Stress Test
  • Cardiac echo color doppler
  • Vascular echo color doppler
  • Echo color Doppler of the supraortic trunks/TSA
  • Dynamic holter
  • Pressure holter