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First in Italy

With over 200.000 treatments, over 1.000 patients in dialysis and 60.000 people with diabetes in therapy every year, Nefrocenter represents the first entirely Italian capital group in nephrological and diabetic field.

Excellence in Research

Our research activities mainly concern the following fields: nephrology, with the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, advanced chronic nephropathy treatment, pre-dialysis phase, dialysis (and hemodialysis), follow up after kidney transplant, and diabetology field, with diabetes prevention and treatment.


At Nefrocenter a helpful medical staff will immediately welcome every patient in a comfortable atmosphere. The constant available staff offers the possibility to contact the centers 24 hours a day.

Specialistic Clinics

In every center there is a specialistic clinic for free services. In this way we are able to satisfy three needs: pathologies prevention, diagnosis and study of the right treatment.

Vascular Access

They are essential to achieve an efficient blood purification. A team of nephrological vascular surgeons works every day at the most important private hospital facility, specialized in cardiac and vascular surgery, and also provided with intensive care places.


Nefrocenter offers a transport service through advanced equipped ambulances, minibuses with platform for disabled people and cars with specialized volunteer operators or employees.


All facilities from Nefrocenter group use an organization model and a management system in accordance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001, that decides upon:

  • Healthcare services totally satisfying customers needs, within the requirements stated by the contractual documents (current health services charter)
  • Prevention and management of every non-conformity situation on the provided service
  • Constant improvement of customers satisfaction
  • Constant check and control of the treatment quality for each patient
  • Constant control of the general health conditions of patients during the disease natural evolution
  • Constant control, as requested by current legislation, of any organizational, structural and technological/plant engineering element
  • Development of the performance of all company process.