Clinical analysis laboratory in Naples

laboratorio analisi a napoli nefrocenter maiello

Clinical analysis laboratory in Naples. How to choose a clinical analysis laboratory in Naples? The quality of the service offered is essential for those who decide to undergo clinical blood and urine tests. The accuracy of the results is essential for the patients, as the identification of any problems or pathologies can emerge from them.

Clinical analysis laboratory in Naples: what are the tests and what’s their purpose

Laboratory tests, or clinical analyses, aim to provide information on the patients’ state of health. These tests manage, especially through blood analysis, to give out values that indicate if everything is alright.  Clinical analyses can be useful in various applications. For instance, from a cardiovascular point of view they are essential because they identify blood cholesterol levels and lipids. In addition, test may be performed to check the function of the liver, the kidney, the thyroid, the reproductive capability, the vitamins, the carbohydrate tolerance, the white and red blood cells, and of the tumor markers. Thus they have a lot of functions, and the parameters are always very indicative.

Abnormal results

Depending on the results of the tests, which must be evaluated by a doctor, it may be necessary to undergo further detailed tests. If anomalies are detected, the doctor will indicate which diagnostic or laboratory tests to undergo in order to make a more accurate diagnosis.
In some cases, even a few changes in lifestyle or some drug therapy may be enough to bring the values back to normal.

Clinical analysis laboratory in Naples, Nefrocenter Lab focuses on quality

People who undergo tests need medical experts and cutting-edge technologies. Nefrocenter focuses on these factors to always provide more accurate results.  At Nefrocenter Lab, at the Maiello analysis laboratory, the focus is on quality and completeness of the specialists’ investigations. Over 1,000 specific tests are performed at the Nefrocenter Lab facilities. In our clinical analysis centers in Naples and in the province it’s possible to undergo routine analyses, but also innovative investigations.
In fact, medical genetics and molecular biology tests are performed at Nefrocenter Lab.

Why we make a difference

At Nefrocenter Lab we work with extremely high-quality standards. The work in the laboratories is performed in different environments which are specifically equipped to use different analytical processes and instrumental and executive techniques.
The highly qualified healthcare staff aims for the accuracy of the outcomes to offer the best results to the patient with no margin for error.

All Nefrocenter Lab’s tests

The following tests are all performed at Nefrocenter’s clinical analysis laboratory:

  • Clinical chemistry tests
  • Hematology
  • Allergology
    • Prist and Rast tests
  • Endocrinological tests
    • Thyroid, sexual sphere, parathormone
  • Medicines and drugs toxicology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
    • Qualitative/quantitative HCV Rna, qualitative/quantitative HBV Dna, HPV Typing
  • Medical genetics
    • Celiac disease (antiendomysium, antitranslutaminase, antigliadin)
    • Cystic fibrosis
    • Karyotype
    • Y chromosome microdejection
    • Factor V Leiden
    • PAI 1
    • MTHFR Mutation
    • Factor II Prothombin
  • Liver markers
  • Tumor markers
  • Cyto-histological tests
  • Pap smear
    • Thin Prep
  • Food intolerances on blood
  • Lactose Breath Test
  • Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test

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