Mammography in Naples with Nefrocenter

mammografia a napoli

Mammography in Naples with Nefrocenter Diagnostica. In our group’s facility it’s possible to undergo mammograms, which represent the best test for the prevention of breast cancer.  The digital mammography that is performed at Nefrocenter Diagnostica in Naples provides accurate results thanks to its high-quality technologies. One of the members of our Nefrocenter Research group, the researcher Ersilio Trapanese, made an important discovery regarding the fight against breast cancer.

What is mammography

Digital mammography is a diagnostic test that performs a morphological analysis of the breast. Through this examination, it’s possible to detect breast lesions, even those of tumor nature. These lesions appear as nodules, micro-calcifications or as areas of structural distortion. Mammography in Naples are performed by a highly specialized healthcare staff of Nefrocenter Diagnostica, with a low dose of radiation (called microdose).  Its goal is to detect the presence of tumor formations in the breasts, and thus the prevention of breast cancer is essential. Thanks to mammography performed in the absence of symptoms and to rapid therapy, breast cancer has become one of the tumors with the highest cure rate.

Mammography in Naples with Nefrocenter, at what age undergo it

For years, studies have shown that prevention has actually reduced the death rate from breast cancer. The advice is to undergo a mammography regularly after the age of 40. Up to the age of 50 it’d be advisable to undergo a mammography once a year. After the age of 50 and up to the age of 70, the diagnostic examination can be made every two years. Based on the patient’s clinical history, and their familiarity with breast cancer, the doctor may decide to vary the time range between each mammography check-ups. In some cases, the examination can be prescribed to women under the age of 40 if their first and second degree relatives have shown cases of breast cancer.

How a mammography in Naples is performed

The mammograph projects an X-rays beam with low ionizing radiation onto the breast which is placed between two plastic plates that compress it slightly.  This type of positioning dissociates the adipose tissue from the glandular one. Women don’t need specific preparations for this test, but it’s advisable not to use perfumes or deodorants, even if just for the armpits, before undergoing the examination.
If a woman has piercings, she has to remove them before the test. For women who are still of reproductive age, it’s advisable to undergo a mammography in the time frame between the 5th and the 12th day of menstruation. This time frame is ideal because during the days in which ovulatory period occurs the breast can be tense and even sore. A woman must avoid mammography while pregnant, unless the doctor expressly prescribes it.

Differences between mammography and breast ultrasound

Just as the name suggests, breast ultrasound, unlike mammography, is performed with ultrasound, which evaluates the fatty and fibrous structure of the breast. It’s a complementary test to mammography, and for women who have dense breast tissue it’s indicated to detect lumps, which can be solid or liquid in nature. Breast ultrasound also evaluates asymmetric thickenings that can be highlighted by mammography. At Nefrocenter Diagnostica it’s possible to undergo both tests.

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