Hemodialysis centers of excellence in Campania and Lazio

Centri di eccellenza di emodialisi in Campania e nel Lazio

Hemodialysis centers of excellence in Campania and Lazio thanks to Nefrocenter. The group has over 52 healthcare facilities, and since its foundation dialysis has played a primary role.
Nefrocenter is a safe place for patients who have severe chronic renal failure and must undergo peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis treatments.

Hemodialysis centers of excellence: where to find them

Finding an hemodialysis center of excellence in Campania and Lazio is a simple task. To find any center of the group, the user has to go to the center section of Nefrocenter.it website and select the one closest to their residence.
In the Nefrocenter facilities it’s possible to undergo all kinds of treatment. Patients are subjected to very high-quality treatment paths.
Nefrocenter uses cutting-edge and latest generation technologies thanks also to its collaboration with renowned Italian universities including the Unesco Chair of the Federico II of Naples. The highly qualified healthcare staff is also one of the group’s most valuable things.

How hemodialysis works

In the Nefrocenter hemodialysis centers of excellence in Campania and Lazio, hemodialysis uses an artificial kidney: the dialyser. Its function is to remove chemicals, excess liquids, and toxins. The patient’s blood gets purified through the dialyzer before being returned to the body. The blood passes through a fistula, a larger blood vessel created in the patient by the doctor.
There are also other methods of access if the blood vessels are inadequate for a fistula. The hemodialysis treatment is repeated 3 times a week in each patient and generally lasts around 4 hours.
The professionalism of the healthcare staff is essential for patients undergoing hemodialysis because there are strict rules to regulate the parameters.

Nefrocenter hemodialysis centers of excellence: the techniques

Standard hemodialysis uses the principle of diffusion to purify the patient’s blood. Diffusion generates the movement of solutes from blood to dialysate which passes in a semipermeable membrane.
The patient gets the result when waste products go from the patient’s blood stream to the dialysate which eliminates them. Nefrocenter also performs High Flow Hemodiafiltration (HDF) which is practiced in patients with cardio-vascular problems.
It’s a system that increases the benefits for the patient because it also eliminates waste that has a higher molecular weight. The high quality online hemodiafiltration (online HDF) at Nefrocenter infuses sterile and apyrogenic liquids with a system that provides as much infusion volume as it is necessary for the purification of the patient’s blood.

AFB and AFB-K 

In Nefrocenter’s hemodialysis centers of excellence, the Acetate free bio-filtration (AFB) and the Acetate free bio-filtration with the K+ profile use reduced infusion loads. It is reserved for patient that have biocompatibility problems with the dialysis system. The method does not include swabs in the dialysis bath, and it customizes the infusion of potassium and bicarbonate according to the patient.
For patients who are unstable from a cardiovascular point of view, it’s an excellent therapy that also takes the problems of peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy into account. These are patients who, due to their pathologies, have a predisposition to intradialytic hypotension.

Peritoneal dialysis of excellence

Peritoneal dialysis of excellence uses the peritoneum, a membrane that lines the abdominal cavity of our body and covers the organs. The membrane that has many capillary blood vessels also has very fine pores that act as filtering. In the abdomen, a small catheter is placed through an incision, and it allows to introduce the dialysate fluid. This liquid is made up of salt and glucose and has the task of capturing the waste expelled from another bag.

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