How to burn off the Christmas holidays binges

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How to burn off the Christmas holidays binges? Do relatives and friends organize a dinner during holidays and involve you in other activities to do at the table? There are some rules to follow to avoid feeling swollen and full. Everyone knows that binges are bad, but on the other hand it’s hard to resist the delicacies on the table. In the worst cases, however, these dishes can also cause a sense of nausea and general illness, which especially manifests with an excessive tiredness.

How to burn off the binges: one alone isn’t harmful

Leave the guilt feelings aside. It will not be a single Christmas or New Year’s dinner or lunch to damage your body. Indeed, on social occasions it’s normal to let yourself go at the table. The control of the body weight that everyone obliges themself to also has to leave room for a more relaxed way of dealing with meals.
A single binge won’t make you gain weight, there’s no risk of diabetes or high cholesterol.

How to “get back on track” with a diet

The secret is to get immediately back “on track”. Once holiday season ends, everybody wonders how to burn off the binges. The important thing is not to make more binges in a row, because the body weight we try to keep under control depends on our daily diet and not on binges, which should remain a rarity.
Therefore, the immediate remedy is to get back on track as soon as possible and start again with a correct diet. If we step on the weight scale right after a binge, it will not be unusual for us to find that we’ve maybe gained a kilogram (2,2 pounds).       It’s composed largely of water and water retention. We’re speaking, of course, of a single binge.
On the other hand, if we have the habit of exaggerating at the table, the increase in weight will be caused by the excessive fat mass that is formed when a wrong diet is also associated with a sedentary life.

Avoid salty food            

Consuming salty food can cause water retention. During the day that follow the binge, if the diet comes back to normal, these liquids will still have to be digested.
Thus, when we’ll test the weight scale, we’ll no longer have excessive weight. This happens because with a single binge the fat mass doesn’t increase but there are excess liquids.

How to burn off the binges by eating   

A fundamental rule is not to skip meals convinced that you would burn off faster. Indeed, it’s necessary to resume a healthy diet starting from at least 5 meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, another snack, and dinner. A help can come from the consumption of fibers found in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and dried fruit.
The fibers help expelling the waste that it’s still found in our body after the binges.

What to eat

In addition to food rich in fiber, it’s important to follow an adequate diet. Soups, including the vegetable ones, and vegetable purées are recommended to burn off the waste.
They can also be associated with brown rice and legume soups. You should avoid seasoning the dishes with salt.
Parmesan or Grana can be used to flavor the soups. They contain a great quantity of calcium and do not contain lactose.
On the other hand, you should choose snacks that are high in protein, like a yogurt with no added sugar.


What to drink


How to burn off binges that also involve a lot of alcohol? At the end of the meal, bitters and liqueurs are usually consumed, but they’re not digestive at all. It’s important to drink a lot of water instead. The body needs at least a liter and a half of water a day, which also helps the digestion and makes the feces softer.
There are also rules for drinking water: most of the daily amount should be taken between main meals, therefore between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner.
This helps improve digestion and intestinal transit to eliminate waste. Tap water is fine too, the oligomineral one favors diuresis. Also, a sugar-free ginger and lemon herbal tea can help.

What to do

It’s important to avoid lying down on the sofa or on the bed right after the binge. Tiredness might be excessive, but practices that help improve digestion must be implemented. One of them is going for a walk.
15-20 minutes of walking, even at a slow pace, are enough to help digestion. Walking also helps to lower the glycemic peak by restoring a correct blood sugar level.

Undergoing the tests

After the holiday season, it’s advisable to undergo certain tests. Checking the values is a good habit to be able to restart everyday life without problems. At NefrocenterLab it’s possible to undergo all urine and blood tests to verify the health state.

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