Nefrocenter helps the families of victims of the Camorra

Nefrocenter aiuta i familiari delle vittime di camorra

Nefrocenter helps the families of victims of the Camorra. Take away from the Camorra to give back to the people. The event took place inside a place that represents a symbol of Legality. The Pol.i.s. Foundation hosted the handing of the Christmas packages containing the products made by cooperatives and associations that operate on assets confiscated from organized crime.
The products were put on display inside the “La Bottega dei Sapori e dei Saperi della Legalità” (“The Shop of Taste and Knowledge of Legality”).
Nefrocenter Group took part in the event with its top management, including the founders Giovanni Lombardi and Elena Scarlato, the administrator Paola Murano, and the scientific director Alessandro Gentile.
There were also moments in which there was great emotion for the families of the innocent victims of the Camorra, who took the stage in this event hosted by Enrico Tedesco, the general secretary of the Pol.i.s. Foundation.

Nefrocenter helps the families of victims of the Camorra

Nefrocenter participated in handing the food packages to the families of innocent victims of the Camorra. But there was more. The founder of the group, Giovanni Lombardi, donated autographed Napoli shirts.
The first signed Kvaratskhelia shirt was reserved for don Tonino Palmese, a priest who dedicates his life to the fight against organized crime, who’s also the president of the Pol.i.s. Foundation.
Another Kvaratskhelia shirt went to Giovanni Durante, father of Annalisa, killed at the age of 14 in a shootout in Forcella. The library in which the event was held was named after this young innocent victim of the Camorra. Another number 77 shirt went to the prosecutor Catello Maresca.
Maresca was defined by Giovanni Lombardi as: “The winner of a battle against organized crime who represents all young prosecutors who sacrifice their lives and their professional activity every day in the fight against organized crime.

Giovanni Lombardi donates Napoli shirts

Nefrocenter helps the families of victims of the Camorra also when Giovanni Lombardi donates an Oshimen shirt to Vincenzo Landieri, father of Antonio, an handicapped person. He was killed in 2004 at the age of 25 while playing table football with his friends, who got mistaken for drug dealers. Antonio was the only one who didn’t make it because his pathology didn’t allow him to resist the violent blows to his legs.
Lombardi also donated the Napoli shirt he had reserved for his son and gave it to a father who suddenly found himself without his boy, with the visible emotion of the guests.

Giovanni Lombardi: “Legality is a basic element for entrepreneurs”

The handing of the leading Serie A team uniforms took place after Giovanni Lombardi’s speech, who also invited all the representatives of the associations of families of innocent victims of the Camorra to the next Napoli match: “I am very excited. Meeting people who have made so many sacrifices and suffered so many injustices represents a moment of improvement for me, it’s not just a simple moment of service and charity.
I’d like to thank the members of law enforcement and prosecution who sacrificed their private and working lives to fight the war against Camorra. For us entrepreneurs, legality is a basic work element. Without legality, it’s impossible to build an entrepreneurial activity, whoever does this on the territory has to fully collaborate with the police and the prosecution, giving out a moral example”.

A difficult territory. The praise towards the associations

Giovanni Lombardi highlights the importance of the associations which also operate in the healthcare field, the same as Nefrocenter’s. “We come from an already penalized area from European healthcare’s point of view. Campania has 400,000 diabetes patients, it’s the Region with the highest percentage of obese children in the world. The third in Europe for the number of diabetic patients. There are 80,000 of them in Naples alone. Diabetes is a disease inversely proportional to the per capita income, it’s typical of low-income Regions.
This means that we found ourselves collaborating with associations that operate in the third sector”.

The new meeting with don Tonino Palmese

“We met Don Tonino Palmese many years ago – he added – and now we have met again. The invitation to this event is an honor for us, we hope to repeat it in the coming months”. An initiative that highlights the great work done by the Pol.i.s. Foundation, but also the closeness with the institutions, which representatives assessors Mario Morcone and Chiara Marciani were present at the event and concluded the speeches.

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